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Forum Overview » » Support » beware! 8 eating behaviors that may cause weight gain
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beware! 8 eating behaviors that may cause weight gain
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Have girls ever wondered if Why is the diet you eat each day? Or, even trying to skip dinner won't go away from your weight gain.

Today ทางเข้าjoker123 we have compiled 8 behaviors that can cause unknowingly causing weight gain. It is also a behavior that can lead to insomnia and often cause nightmares. Let's share to know each other.

1. Eat fried foods in the evening.
Fried foods or high fat foods should not be eaten in the evening. Because these foods require a very long time to digest. So it may disturb sleep during the night Importantly, fatty foods often result in obesity.

2. Dinner is full of spicy food.
Eating spicy food in the evening Often the risk of sleep and nightmares. This is because this type of food often stimulates the metabolism in the body until it becomes alert. Which can interfere with sleep during the night

3. Eat too much dinner.
Eating dinner too much May make the body more vulnerable to fat storage Also, eating large amounts of food It will take a lot of time for digestion. Therefore, eating an excessive amount of dinner Inevitably affect the time of sleep

4. I don't eat dinner at all.
In addition, women should not eat a large amount of dinner. Should not abstain from eating dinner as well Because of abstaining from eating dinner Will affect the digestive system Cause warping And some people may have nausea together. And more importantly, when the body feels hungry during the night from abstaining from that dinner Will cause hormones in the body to disorder Resulting in insomnia

5. Eat dessert before bed.
Desserts after 6 p.m. Often results in the body to face obesity easily Because of the sweetness in this type of food Most are obtained from sweeteners instead of sugar. Risk of insomnia. And also causes the digestive system to work overtime These are foreign substances that the body needs to take longer to digest.

6. Drink alcohol before bed.
Drinking alcohol four to six hours before bedtime will make the body feel drowsy at first. But as the effect of alcohol fades, it causes the body to wake up. That is why we often wake up in the middle of the night. And sometimes it causes pain to urinate during sleep as well.

7. Not moving your body after eating full
Behavior of people who after eating and do not try to move their bodies Are at the risk of gaining weight and reaching the obesity category at least after each meal. Should get up and move the body gently To stimulate the metabolism in the body

8. End dinner and go to bed immediately.
No matter how late your dinner Should not go to bed immediately after eating dinner In particular, some people finish the dinner. Then hurriedly took a shower to sleep This behavior is at risk for GERD. A tight jock And resulting in uncomfortable sleep during the night

Can see that many of the behaviors mentioned above It is often a behavior that many people do on a regular basis. Sometimes it is insulting that these behaviors do not contribute to weight gain. But keep in mind that each person's body often shows different symptoms. Sooner or later, these symptoms will manifest. But what is inevitable is It certainly negatively affects the health of the girls.

2/14/2021 9:36:46 AM   
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Forum Overview » » Support » beware! 8 eating behaviors that may cause weight gain

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