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Datum: 17.12.2007,   Zeit: 18:13:49
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Kai schrieb:
Verstehe nicht genau wie das hier gehen soll deswegen poste ich einfach mal den Link zu meiner Gewinnspielseite wo man KOSTENLOS an sämtlichen Gewinnspielen teilnehmen kann.
Viel glück

ht t p : // gewin nspiele. sebjo .de/

Datum: 17.12.2007,   Zeit: 12:39:32
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AnnO schrieb:
VerärgertZwinkernBreites Grinsenfreuendes Smiliefreuendes Smiliesupiiiiiii

Datum: 26.11.2007,   Zeit: 00:24:04
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zjiyieadsq schrieb:
NEW DELHI: Investigators believe an e mail sent minutes after the serial court bombings in Uttar Pradesh began is a first of its kind manifesto for Islamist terror cells operating across India. Issued by an until now unknown organisation, the Indian Mujahideen, the e mail was sent from, a purpose generated address created on November 22, to several national television stations. Arguing that the court bombings were carried out because the Uttar Pradesh police arrested “two innocent groups and f

Datum: 25.11.2007,   Zeit: 04:33:57
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qdvwbsonno schrieb:
I have never been much in favour of online shopping. The idea that the ancient physical delight of strolling the marketplace or bazaar and taking in its sights and smells might one day be replaced by clicking and dragging from a desktop is one I have always found more repugnant than convenient. But that was before I found out aboutWhat is Etsy? If you ask its founder, 27 year old Brooklyn based Rob Kalin, Etsy is "a childhood word from a Fellini movie" that he chose because "it embodies the curi

Datum: 24.11.2007,   Zeit: 03:35:42
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zikmefjcxy schrieb:
Gordon Brown has ordered a check of data security at all Government departments in the wake of the loss of 25 million people's personal details by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC). The Prime Minister told MPs he "profoundly regretted and apologised" for the loss of the data, but insisted there was no reason for under fire Chancellor of the Exchequer Alistair Darling to resign. His comments came as police continued their hunt for two computer discs which went missing when they were sent from an HMRC

Datum: 22.11.2007,   Zeit: 06:43:06
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pjhdetvbwq schrieb:
Of 150 men, including those attached to Bravo Company, 14 were killed and another 30 were wounded and sent home. Two others with no physical injuries were reassigned to the home front because "emotionally, they couldn't take it any more," said Capt. Marc Austin, the company commander. On the worst days, when mortars were raining down around their outpost, an abandoned women's teachers college dormitory in the town of Tahrir, they recalled it as a certain kind of hell. "We're different people tha

Datum: 19.11.2007,   Zeit: 03:54:12
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qnuiavghqr schrieb:
He stole nine Imprezas between March and May, as well as a Mazda Familia. He did it for the thrill of it, not to make money out of them, his lawyer told Judge Alistair Garland in city district court. But the 17 year old caused $85,000 damageover the six to seven weeks of his stealing, prosecutor Evan McCaughan said. Four of the stolen cars weren't insured, six that were recovered were damaged, while four were never found. Pahl, who was sent to prison for 17 months, was also up for sentence for a

Datum: 10.11.2007,   Zeit: 03:34:47
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ninhqtbqme schrieb:
Bill Davis Racing now holds the records for the most poles in a season in both the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series and NASCAR Busch Series. Davis had 11 poles with Jeff Gordon in 1992 in the NASCAR Busch Series. BDR shares the record with Ultra Motorsports (2002) for team poles in a season with 12. Matt Crafton (second) posted his fourth top 10 start of the 2007 season, tying his season best set just three races earlier. He has posted top 10 starts in four of his seven Phoenix races. Travis Kvapil

Datum: 14.08.2007,   Zeit: 10:54:01
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Pirker Ralph schrieb:
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Datum: 01.08.2007,   Zeit: 08:10:29
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trrtzrtr schrieb: